Sunday, May 24, 2009

tea leaves, murder and dreaming

being in new york city for summer means three things: tanning/sweating in central park, lots of cold white wine, and lots of lovely live music with the cream of the crop of manhattan's underground music scene... the other night I was at the lovely rockwood music hall (allen st. on the lower east side) for the starling crush set (*and later the poundcake set which was ah-mazin') - a group composed of the talented and stunning jennifer glass and guitarist michael simone. glass does a stunning job of formulating the most feminine of feelings into words - what it is to be lost, scared and alone and finding the beauty in that. glass is a tall, slender stunner with red locks down to forever and a gentle yet vulnerable voice. check out the tracks at and fall in love with the music, the lyrics, the impact of becoming a "starling crush" what glass defines as: "To be crushed by Starlings, blessed pecking of the relentless need to fly. Crushed by the weight of the freedom. To be a starling, to soar with purpose and strengh… only to crush with the weight of the earth. Calling all skies, calling all clouds to part, calling a crush of the light." (*photo by patti foerster)

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Sarah Arkanoff said...

That sounds fabulous! ♥