Monday, August 31, 2009

honey, i'm home!

I stumbled upon Haven in Paris via the lovely Cup ofJo blog and fell in love with each and every apartment listed on the site. Here are some of my favourite spaces/images... I think I would be right at home, don't ya think?
Lots to do today... Hugs and kisses from a rainy and gloomy Manhattan day!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

even cowgirls get the blues

boy, it's been awhile!!!
i took a much needed retreat up in the mountains for the summer, free of cell service or high speed internet... then it was off to the hamptons for a couple days by the pool... love-love-lovely...
now i'm back in nyc and let me tell you, its good to be back!

being out in the summer sun i am never without a big bottle of water, my ray bans and my ipod... this summer i dug a lot of Jenny Lewis...Besides being drop dead adorable and the spitting image of a'70s fashion icon from the green hills of California, she's one heck of a lyricist... my favourite lyric: "So I found myself a sweetheart, with the softest of hands, We were unlucky in love but I'd do it all again."[Acid Tongue].... No regrets Ms. Lewis, always the way to live. Enjoy!! xx