Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vintage Bikes

Wouldn't it be so cool to decorate with huge prints of these vintage motorcycle ads? In an office, an apartment, a bachelor pad - I think that they are sexy, sleek and are totally androdgynous.

Have a lovely day y'all!!
xo Paris

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hair Down to There!

Long blonde hair. Braids. Black leather combat boots. Loving friends. Parisian streets.

This photo kinda does it for me.
have a lovely day~ off to MoMa with some girlfriends & later a show at the bowery ballroom!
x Paris

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Elfin Jewels

Aren't these Erickson Beamon earrings kinda cool? There is something very interesting about this beautiful take on the elf ear. Especially with a soft bun and a classic white sweater as styled here. Had such a busy day as we have another shoot tomorrow, but got to fit, style and polaroid Dave Genat (insert whistle here)...
all my love x

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Dreamboat

I haven't had a Monday Dreamboat in awhile but when I learned about this guy I thought I HAVE TO FEATURE HIM! This is Ryan Bingham... Cowboy, country-rock singin' extraordinaire... and my latest crush.

His whiskey-kissed voice and heart-breaking lyrics are really amazing & he's just darn right SEXY! He's like a modern day Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons love child. My favorite song of his is "The Weary Kind" which is featured in the upcoming film Crazy Heart. Listen to it here.
xx Paris

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chicks & Vinyl

There are few things I enjoy more than mellowing out with a great record on, a yummy glass of red wine & one of my vintage teddy's... these ladies catch my drift. Here's a tribute to chicks & vinyl...

Have a lovely night!
xx Paris

Friday, December 11, 2009

NOW what I WANT!

After shopping for friends & family, it's nice to think a little bit about yourself...
A girl can dream can't she? Here's the stuff I'll be dying for this Holiday season:
If you can't already tell... I'm a bit of a boots fiend. And since these are lined with fleece, I'm really digging them! Toasty & fashionable! $298
This camera is sleek, timeless and something that will help capture memories forever. $499
I could so see myself wearing this pantsuit when it gets a bit warmer here in NYC... $148
This Ipanema candle sounds right up my alley - ocean, sun & sand... $48
I adore this fringe Gatsby-esque dress... And it's perfect for winter parties with thick black tights or for spring garden parties with strappy golden sandals. $149
I've never been a believer of toting around my laptop (since it's like my baby!!) but having this cool & chic case could solve my anxiety. $275
I think these Ash boots are one of the sexiest pairs I've seen all season! $217
I think this ring is so delicate and beautiful. $38
I love the music of Ryan Adams, so I am confident I'd adore his poetry as well. $10.85

But mostly enough, I want my friends, family & myself to be surrounded with peace, love, joy, bravery, truth and happiness in the days to come. And, I wish the same for all of you :)
Big Hugs
x Paris

Thursday, December 10, 2009

gift guide #5

The next gift guide is for those girls who stick by your side through the bad days & the good... and I am so happy I have so many. The problem when it comes to gift shopping (on such a restricted schedule) is that they are all so different and unique, it's hard and time-consuming to find a gift that fits each of them. So, I've tried to compile a list of things any darling friend would love & utilize...
These Wolford Fringe Tights are so rad - I think that only the brave could really pull 'em off and I believe in each and every one of my girls :) £199.00
Isn't this trio of feathered orb ornaments stunning? $48
I love Kusmi tea, so I think anyone could enjoy this mega sampler of Russian teas. $30.40
5 classes at SoulCycle - a fabulously spiritual spinning studio that would please their muscles as well as their ears (the teachers play the most fantastic music!) $160
I think this beautiful hand-drawn calendar could be the perfect addition to any home. $30
These earmuffs look so fuzzy & warm - I just picked up a pair just like this in fox fur. $98
A suede hot pink European shop guide... they love to travel and a few are living/planning to live abroad. I think this is something you could keep forever. $85
Yummy Calypso eau de toilette - I think Vanilla is safe but they have a whole selection! $39

I couldn't get through a day without seeing or speaking to one of my very best girlfriends - they mean that much to me... I hope these presents show that.
Have a lovely day dears.
xx Paris

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

gift guide #4

This gift guide is for my Grandma, who we all call Magga. She is the loveliest, liveliest and most gorgeous 80 year old I know... there is absolutely no one in the world who has much class as she does. I adore her and she is so very special to me so I want to get her something extremely fabulous...
I think he's the only guy she's ever had eyes for besides my grandfather! $21.59
This throw would be the perfect addition to her cream coloured East Side apartment & she loves cashmere. $300
A simply beautiful menorah to light each night. $150
Personalized coasters for all those nights she entertains & she makes a mean martini! $80
She loves owls so I thinks he would really appreciate this delicate golden necklace. $110

Have a lovely day y'all!
xx Paris

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gift guide #3

I am home sick today, hence ANOTHER gift guide/post... This one is for my mama - Patti: Bergdorf Goodman posh employee by day, rock & roll freelance photographer by night... So what to get for someone who's a bit schizophrenic??? Read on, dears!
A yummy fur funnel that can go from Fifth Avenue to Fifth Street & Ave. C. $195
A couple MetalSkin bracelets to stack on her arm. $48-$100
A gorgeous pewter metal wreath to recycle for each holiday season. $300
A bottle of Crystal Head Vodka which can be used as a cool nicknack after consumed. ~$40
A lovely Volupsa Champagne candle for cold winter nights $7 - $44

More to come lovelies...

gift guide #2

This next gift guide is for my bro Jensen - he's an early-teen who is the freakin' COOLEST! He loves Megan Fox, Shake Shack, "Thunder Road" by Springsteen and flannel shirts... These are the ideas I've come up with so far...
A waxed canvas schoolbag from J.Crew... I could see him wearing this for the next 10 years of his life. $49.50
For his devastatingly adorable "rocker" side...A warm skull-n-bones hat. $24.50
A Springsteen poster.... ooooh sooo dreamy!! $9.99
A classic "little black book" to keep track of all his potential song lyrics (we're kind of pushin' him to be the next Rhett Miller or Ryan Adams) and all those girls phone numbers who text him like crazy! $10.95
Glow-in-the-dark American Flag tee: patriotic and edgy... what an oxymoron!! $50

Suggestions are welcome & needed...
xx Paris

Monday, December 7, 2009

gift guide #1

It's that time of year: today was the first TRULY cold day of Winter (actual shivers, people!)... so I've decided to share some groovy gift ideas... First, for my younger sister Chloe, I've picked a couple things that compliment her indie, nerd-chic style:
Studded Ballet Slippers from Bonadrag. A tough take on a feminine classic. She also only wears comfy shoes to suit her love for walking EVERYWHERE. $48
An "A-Punk" Vampire Weekend T-Shirt. She adores the band & their music and just snagged 2 tickets for one of their January NYC shows... where this shirt could be worn! $22
Silver Superga Sneakers... the inch-high sole can give her little frame a little boost (she's 4'10" a whole foot shorter than I!) $100
Free People red soft leather glove with bow applique - a pop of color to radiate off of her black jackets (every single one is black - I swear!) $68
A hot pink Lomography camera from UO... to satisfy her photography obsession/dreams. $110

Chloe also enjoys her bed, chocolate & John Krasinski... suggestions are encouraged!
xx Paris