Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey y'all!!! Hope you guys are well, I've arrived back in New York after a long, lovely trip to Rome which was so beautiful: for the mind, eyes, soul & tummy ;)
Now that I've gotten back in the NYC groove, I've found some time to post to my lovelies... Here's some cool stuff I've found on the internets this week...
Have an awesome weekend!

Love this Wild West styling...

The perfect beach tote... huge, light & already broken in!

This movie looks fantastic!

I want to wear this collection all spring long.

Love, love, love these shoes.

My cousin Zach is getting married in San Diego this June. May 1st is the Bridal Shower. I'm thinking of getting the lovely Bride, Elissa something like this, or this.

This lipstick in Funny Face looks like the perfect shade for SPRING!

Great interview between Gwyneth & Jaime Oliver.

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