Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love Weekends!

Hey y'all!!! MY MY It's been a long week, but yesterday was one of the happiest & loveliest days I've had in awhile... it was also so great because I ran into both Ethan Hawke & Ben Stiller who were EXTREMELY adorable... Anyhow, here's a tribute to the weekend :)

Gwenyth's continued report on some true Nashville gems... Makes me want to road-trip on down there pronto!

WooHoo, everyone go out and get The Selby Is in Your Place!

This exhibition is almost over and I need to see it before it's done...

Oh shiaaaat, 'Everybody Knows This is Nowhere' looks pretty freakin' amazing!

I walked by this yesterday, and now all I want to do is go!!

I adore the Spring 2010 DVF Catalog!

I am so envious of Wendy Burden's airy and lovely home... makes me yearn for some fresher air :)

Lovin' these bags for spring...

My best friend Erica is back in the city tonight - she has been living out in Montana for the past couple months, skiing, snowboarding, riding her bike everywhere & hiking... I think we are going to go here for some oyster shooters...

ALSO, I am leaving for ROME tomorrow evening! I will try to keep up posting BUT suggestions are welcome, so if you have been, I'd LOVE your insight!

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