Tuesday, December 8, 2009

gift guide #3

I am home sick today, hence ANOTHER gift guide/post... This one is for my mama - Patti: Bergdorf Goodman posh employee by day, rock & roll freelance photographer by night... So what to get for someone who's a bit schizophrenic??? Read on, dears!
A yummy fur funnel that can go from Fifth Avenue to Fifth Street & Ave. C. $195
A couple MetalSkin bracelets to stack on her arm. $48-$100
A gorgeous pewter metal wreath to recycle for each holiday season. $300
A bottle of Crystal Head Vodka which can be used as a cool nicknack after consumed. ~$40
A lovely Volupsa Champagne candle for cold winter nights $7 - $44

More to come lovelies...

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