Thursday, December 10, 2009

gift guide #5

The next gift guide is for those girls who stick by your side through the bad days & the good... and I am so happy I have so many. The problem when it comes to gift shopping (on such a restricted schedule) is that they are all so different and unique, it's hard and time-consuming to find a gift that fits each of them. So, I've tried to compile a list of things any darling friend would love & utilize...
These Wolford Fringe Tights are so rad - I think that only the brave could really pull 'em off and I believe in each and every one of my girls :) £199.00
Isn't this trio of feathered orb ornaments stunning? $48
I love Kusmi tea, so I think anyone could enjoy this mega sampler of Russian teas. $30.40
5 classes at SoulCycle - a fabulously spiritual spinning studio that would please their muscles as well as their ears (the teachers play the most fantastic music!) $160
I think this beautiful hand-drawn calendar could be the perfect addition to any home. $30
These earmuffs look so fuzzy & warm - I just picked up a pair just like this in fox fur. $98
A suede hot pink European shop guide... they love to travel and a few are living/planning to live abroad. I think this is something you could keep forever. $85
Yummy Calypso eau de toilette - I think Vanilla is safe but they have a whole selection! $39

I couldn't get through a day without seeing or speaking to one of my very best girlfriends - they mean that much to me... I hope these presents show that.
Have a lovely day dears.
xx Paris

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