Wednesday, December 9, 2009

gift guide #4

This gift guide is for my Grandma, who we all call Magga. She is the loveliest, liveliest and most gorgeous 80 year old I know... there is absolutely no one in the world who has much class as she does. I adore her and she is so very special to me so I want to get her something extremely fabulous...
I think he's the only guy she's ever had eyes for besides my grandfather! $21.59
This throw would be the perfect addition to her cream coloured East Side apartment & she loves cashmere. $300
A simply beautiful menorah to light each night. $150
Personalized coasters for all those nights she entertains & she makes a mean martini! $80
She loves owls so I thinks he would really appreciate this delicate golden necklace. $110

Have a lovely day y'all!
xx Paris

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