Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Dreamboats

Boys with beauty Elsa Pataky (who plays Xime) and the director.
Last week on my day-off in all my lazy, couch potato glory, I watched a movie called Mancora; a coming of-age tale about a Peruvian young man whose father kills himself and to cope he embarks on a road trip to a surf town south of Lima with his distant, pseudo-related cousin and her boyfriend.  It takes a Y Tu Mama Tambien twist as they develop a love-triangle sparking such themes as trust, betrayal, truth and growth.  The two male actors who starred in this movie are Jason Day and Enrique Murciano (glasses).  Both are hot hot hot and made the movie that much more enjoyable (it was actually a great movie and the scenery was unbelievable... made me want to go to Mancora more than ANYTHING)... okay check them out; they're gorge.
Hope your days were lovely...
XOXO Paris

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