Sunday, October 4, 2009

Too Damn Hip

"He and Richards both had it: this total sense of self-possession.  If you locked eyes with them, you'd always be the first to be lowering your gaze because theirs was always so steady and intense it just ultimately seemed to bore through you.  That's why these guys were going to survive even this hideous drug waterloo with Keith and go on to prosper into old age as rock'n'rollers, whereas a walking casualty like Elvis - a punk loser who never fully comprehended the vast charisma and talent the good lord entrusted in him and so was led by fools and flatterers - would fall into a drug-fuelled demise straight down to the grave with half his life still ahead of him.  They were just too damn strong and too damn hip." - Nick Kent, "Twilight in Babylon: The Rolling Stones After the Sixties" **Read Nick Kent's books...loved them!
Have a lovely Sunday babies! XOXO Paris

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