Friday, September 25, 2009

Angus and Julia Stone

I'm lovin' Australian bro/sis duo Angus & Julia Stone... their music is perfection: delicately warm and smokey vocals, darling lyrics and soothing acoustic guitar melodies.  
Their music videos are also wonderful... I personally like these two:
My cousin, who's like a sister, Kendall turned me onto them... They are very "her" - she's like sunshine, and cherishes the beautiful things in life - from smiles and hugs to her puppy Norton to our Grandmother and the drunken conversations we have with her on holidays.  
She's a beautiful brunette waif and I just love her...

Kendall now..
Kendall and I, then... (and with our cousin Cassidy in the 2nd pic)
Thanks Kenny for being my heart and turning me onto good tunez. 
Have a good day/weekend lovies xoxo Paris

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