Friday, September 11, 2009

Orbs and Philosophers

I'm really into this s/s 2010 promo video for Libertine by designer Johnson Hartig.  It's just loads of fun...a celebration of youth-in your face-who gives a f**k-let's dance, kinda vibe... The models are gorgeous and have adorable personality which I absolutely love... they juxtapose a surfer-esque demeanor with high end fashion in a beautiful LA house (respectively the designer's) and use all its amenities from the china tea cup set to the minimalist chic outdoor pool.  Hartig's inspiration for the s/s line comes from a book about the history of philosophers and a personal roadtrip where he stayed in a haunted hotel with friends.  During this trip, Hartig became a believer of orbs *hence the title of the collections: Orbs and Philosophers.  Talk about imagination...perhaps Hartig has tapped into something: that the philosophy of fashion is outlandish imagination, fun and youth, saying f**k no to all the rules and creating something truly out of this world, full of energy, light and charge like an orb.   
Will be at the Fashion Week tents tonight... so incredibly excited!  Hope you lovelies have a fantastic friday! XOXO

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