Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have a good one y'all!

Hey there!
There is so much snow in Manhattan so I've been rather bundled up. Here's some fun stuff on the internets to keep all y'all nice and warm as well :)

These screen tests for T Magazine are awesome. They are just raw interview snippets... I, of course, love the Penelope Cruz one, the Rosario Dawson one and the Matthew Goode one.

Are you kidding? Can I have these NOW, please???

"F*ck-yeah puppies"... too cute.

I need a new book... I'm thinking of this one...

I can't wait to visit via Margutta when in Rome!

Next week I am having an Oscar party at my apartment. Appropriate recipes: blackbean and corn salsa, a yummy spicy pizza, soft pretzels, and maybe a take on the Momofuku Milk Bar "Crack Pie".

How awesome do these cereal doughnuts look?

I'm thinking of going to his concert next Friday at Bowery Ballroom...y'all should too - he rocks!


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