Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leading Lady

The other day I was playing a game of "Who would you want to play YOU in a movie?". After going around circle and hearing Julianne Moore, Rachel McAdams, Ali McGraw circa Love Story and Nicole Kidman, I was surprised when no one said Penelope Cruz because that is who I would pick in a heartbeat. I have a major girl-crush on her - she is the definition of class, sexiness, sultriness, and spice. She is also a SUPERB actress. These are all photos from the Penelope Retrospective Library from Vanity Fair. I mean, come on, she's perfection; a total muse! Woody Allen (who worked with her on Vicky Cristina Barcelona) said it best - that he can't look at Penelope directly because he finds it just too overwhelming. Holy compliment!


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